Autumn / Winter 2017: The Reality Within

There is a saying that less is more. It is when we are at our simplest that people learn to appreciate our unknowns. Ergo by being unknown, we provoke a sense of mysteriousness, unknowingly becoming a vacuum for the unusual. The apple as portrayed in Magritte’s painting stirs up an uncertainty that invites its viewers to contemplate improbable interpretations, however without the notion of offering a definitive meaning or an answer of certainty.

Above all else creating a sense of hunger for curiosity. The apple acts as masks to conceal. Yet, in juxtaposition – something as plain as an apple is able to arouse a sense of mystery. The clothes aspire to live within the unknown. Unafraid of being judged – they become cozy and allow seams to either pull together, cold and fade into nothing or happily merge into one.

Clothes, we currently see with our raw eyes are portrayed as a deception of perfection. Deluded with the idea of being presentable and picture. But in reality – true luxury lies within the comforts of our own skin and likewise, staying true to ourselves.

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